Admissions Packet

 In order for your child to be enrolled for the next school year, please fill out and submit the paperwork below. One student enrollment package per family is all that is needed, but each student will need their own medical paperwork. 

 New student enrollment paperwork will open on Monday, March 7th, 2022:

 If your child is not yet 3 by September 30th or is not quite ready to join us yet, you can get on the wait list to receive the next year’s registration packet, before the general public.  

 After you have submitted your child(ren)’s paperwork, you will receive a notification on the status of enrollment. Check the chart below for enrollment status options. 

Your child has been accepted for the next school year. 

 Your child is provisionally accepted for the next school year. Your child’s enrollment status depends on the outcome of your child’s observation visit. 

Observations are typically scheduled for 1-3 days from 8:00 am to 11:00 am. The purpose of the observations is to make reasonably sure your child  is suited for the Montessori environment. Observations are not used to assess student’s academic standing. 

Your child has been wait listed, because there is not room in the classroom applied for or your child is not ready for the Montessori program they applied for. 

Your child has been declined for the next school year. This can happen for the following reasons:

 Your child has been declined, because they are too young, are not potty trained, or are not a good fit for the Montessori environment.

Your child has been declined, because of behavioral/disciplinary reasons and/or their learning needs outweigh what we can reasonably offer at this time.  

Your child can still be admitted to our Montessori program when they are older, more independent, or you schedule a behavior meeting with the teacher and Head of School to assess if further steps can be taken in the enrollment process.