What is the Montessori Method?

 The Montessori method is defined by providing a carefully prepared environment , where each item serves a specific purpose to further the development of the whole child. A Montessori classroom is usually clean and appealing in appearance, with lots of natural materials, and integrates children of mixed ages that are grouped in 3 year periods. 

  The prepared environment offers students opportunities to choose interesting and engaging work, which brings about long periods of concentration that should not be interrupted. The classroom is divided into themed areas, where related materials are exposed on shelves, allowing freedom of movement. Children can work with a group or individually and each child uses the materials he/she choose and then puts it back for others to use. 

    At Azalea City Montessori our school days have a mix of child led independent learning and whole group lessons. Teachers observe each child, his/her needs, capabilities, and interests and create work and opportunities to stimulate the child’s learning process. Once certain tasks and lessons are mastered by the student and they show readiness to learn more, the teacher introduces new concepts, materials, and work for the student to develop deeper knowledge of subjects and materials. With older children teachers help them develop a list of objectives at the beginning of the week and the child uses his/her time during the week to achieve them. With younger students teachers observe the student carefully to create a individualized work plans for each child.  Montessori lessons focus more on purposeful, hands on learning, where students can get concrete knowledge and a feel for big concepts and ideas. 

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