The Primary Program

   The primary program includes all children between the ages of 3 and 5. This classroom includes the Preschool and Kindergarten years. Older children in the classroom are encouraged and supported, in order to become classroom leaders, who model appropriate behavior, work ethic, and peacefulness to younger students. 

    The primary classroom is a calm, orderly environment where children are free to choose from a variety of work  that includes practical life, language, math, sensorial, and cultural activities. Freedom within limits is emphasized, in order to make sure children are having fun while learning and meeting state standards. 

  In this classroom children will develop concentration, fine and gross motor skills, peacefulness, math, writing, reading, and a deep love of learning while internalizing self management skills  that serve them their whole lives whether they move on to traditional school or advance into the Montessori Elementary classroom. 

  Children in the primary classroom are given real life materials for hands learning. The primary program is specifically designed to enhance learning opportunities through engagement with the real world. Our spiral curriculum allows children to revisit lessons and materials while creating new, more complex, and engaging work. Differentiated learning is used to make sure each child is moving at their own pace, where mastering skills and lesson is the standard for assessment and advancement instead of traditional letter grades. All children in the Primary classroom are offered a variety of engaging materials and lessons to make sure children are having fun, play based learning, while meeting or exceeded state standards. 


           For a sneak peak at the Primary Classroom in action, schedule a tour today!