The Monarch Scholarship

Scholarship Deadline: May 14th at 5:00 pm.


At Azalea City Montessori, we are committed to making a high quality Montessori education affordable for all families. Our scholarship program is designed to help families in need afford our Montessori program. Families will need to fill out an application for the program and submit proof of financial need with W2 statements. This information will be used to determine if your family qualifies for a financial scholarship. In order to submit an application for the Monarch Scholarship, click on the button below.


Scholarships are limited each year, with preference given to children who are already enrolled and receiving financial assistance. Scholarships will not cover the full amount of tuition and do not cover registration fees, field trip costs, extra curricular activity fees, or after care tuition. Azalea City Montessori tuition is very competitive with other private schools in the area, therefore scholarships can be up to, but not exceed, 20 percent of full time tuition. 


The amount of financial assistance given is dependent on household size, income, and the amount of children enrolled at Azalea City Montessori. Once approved for a scholarship discounted rates will apply to all immediate family members enrolled at Azalea City Montessori. Financial assistance is not rolled over from year to year and will need to be re applied for each year. 


 Other programs may be available to families depending on the number of students your family has enrolled at ACM. Families may not combine the scholarship program with other tuition assistance. 

  • If more assistance is needed than a scholarship can provide, please contact the Head of School at 251.202.5295 or email to set up a financial meeting.

  • Click on the button below to fill out an application.